Monday, July 2, 2012

{Spider Monkey}

I recently had the opportunity to test Spider Monkey Designs new Overnight Fitted Diaper! Both of my boys are SUPERSOAKERS, so many, many, many mornings I have gotten them out of bed to find that their sheets are soaked...NO FUN. When the owner of Spider Money Designs, Julie, contaced me asking if I wanted to be a tester, I knew that it would be just that (knowing how much my boys pee and the troubles we have been through). I have come a bit of a diaper snob recently, so I was so excited to try it out right away. Of course I had to prep it...and I HATE prepping new diapers, so I washed it once and immediately tried it out that night. We use wool covers over our fitteds, so I put that baby on and off to bed we went with fingers crossed that he would wake up DRY for once!

I was hesitant to wake up the next morning to what I might find. Much to my suprise the bed was DRY...WOW!!!!! What a relief that is to not have to strip a bed every day and wash, wash, wash....cause I have enough of that to do using cloth diapers.
I was also very suprised to see how trim it fit my son (2 1/2 years old and 32 lbs) and it was not bulky at all! Another cool feature is that the soaker is made of two pieces and they snap apart for even FASTER drying time. All in all I was VERY impressed with them especially since I know that they will get even more absorbant after a few more washes. I would DEFINITELY recommend using Spider Monkey Designs Overnight Fitteds, especially if, like me, your little one is a heavy wetter!
Thanks to Julie for letting me test out her diapers.