Thursday, October 9, 2008


that it has been so much has been happening in our lives. First of all we moved out of our apartment into my brother-in-law's house. This has been a mojor adjustment going from an apartment of your own to have the majority of your things in one room. The house is expected to be done by the end of the month...yea!!! And secondly, as I am sure most of you heard about the hurricane that hit us. Thankfully we did not get any damage, nor anyone else that I am close to. We were however without power for quite a while. This hurrican was such an eye opener to the things that we so often take for granted. Running water most importantly, electricity, and the company that you keep! I have heard so many people talk about getting to know their neighbors through the midst of all this, wheter it has been for the first time at all or even just getting to know them a little better. All I can do now is thank God for everything that He has given me and try hard to remember when life gets tough to remember everything that we have and appreciate it!

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