Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week Six

We went to a friends house for the Super Bowl and they had a little Tricycle. Mackenzie immediately got on it and put her feet to the pedals. I was so suprised that she knew what to do on it...she is so smart!
She says new things all the time...lately she has been saying "cheese, peaches, shoes, please, baby, hi, eye" it seems as though it is a new word every day! Here are some new scrapbook pages too:

...and here is an album that I made for Jason for Valentine's can find kind-of-directions to it HERE and individual pages of the album if you are interested in making one too!

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dannigirl said...

girl, i am so scrap lifting some of these los! awesome.
p.s. take the valentine's book to iscrap so we can all see it irl.k?