Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well I am sure some of you know already, but those of you do not here it goes...I AM PREGNANT...yippie!!!
Twelve weeks along...here is a page that I did today, writing a little note to the baby:

Daddy and i were planning on having another child about two years after your sister Mackenzie, and that is exactly how God planned it. I found out that I was pregnant with you when I was approximately eight weeks. I was excited and scared and happy all at the smae time. When I went to my first appointment and it was comfirmed I was so excited...another baby! I am twelve weeks along now and am so excited to get to the day that I get to meet you...my little Baby ‘Z’.

and Mackenzie's big sister tee shirt:

When I found out that I was pregnant I went to the store and bought a tee shirt for Mackenzie that said big sister on it. When we got home I put it on for Jason to see...that is how I told him that I was pregnant. Unfortunately after about two hours he did not say a thing. So, finally I said something to him and the response was that he just thought that it was a hand-me-down. Then I guess it dawned on him...”what, are you pregnant?” It is a funny story! I am so excited for Mackenzie to be a big sister...I am sure that she will love the new baby.