Thursday, September 17, 2009


Anyone used cloth diapers out there??? Would love to get some feedback on them and whether or not it is worth the price...and are they easy to use...clean...etc???

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Rachel said...

so i know that i do not know you...i just saw your post off of ashley murray's blog...sorry, slightly stalkerish :)
anyway, we are using the bumgenius 3.0 (or all-in-one) and i LOVE them
they are pricey but after that all you do is wash them
so no more store runs
i will say that you might like to get more than 12 to start with, depending on how old your kid(s) are
i have a little 2 month old and we got 12 of them...i do a load a day of just the diapers...quick, small load, but still a load a day
but i do love them :)
sorry if this is creepy from a stranger but i thought you would like the feedback