Thursday, March 26, 2009

{ADDICTED} Kathryn Wilson's are some new photos. Mackenzie had fun playing in the Bluebonnets...well letting me chase her is more like

...and a LO with this week's BOOK FAIR KIT:


Lori said...

are these her lightroom actions? u are tottaly making me drool! lol!!
hey girl are u from texas! u should pm me and tell me where! ihave a feeling we are closer than we might think. i am gonna go dig up that old thread where we gave our info!

Lori said...

Courtney u didnt do the answer these or else thread!! tsk tsk!

Kedra said...

what was the name of the font that you used? I can't remember, sorry.

Courtney Zadik said...

no prob was Ali's Handwriting...had gotten it free from the Creating Keepsakes website a while ago!