Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{Wow...been a while}

Sorry that it has been so long :( Here are some new L.O's and pics...

Mackenzie is getting so big...she is saying so many new things and is getting so smart...in more ways than one. Lately she likes to climb up on the couch and mess with everything that we have on the 'low wall'. I guess that I should not keep anything up there. One day she got a hold of a pen and wrote all over my new album :( ooh...I was so frustrated...although I do have to say that it is an easy fix. Another thing that she likes to do is when I am folding the clothes she will come behind me and throw them all over the room....ahhhh...it is hard enough for me to actually get clothes folded and put away and then she does that and I feel like just giving up sometimes. Whew...I think that is about it for now. She is also getting her canine teeth in...so now she has 16 teeth...WOW! Oh yea that reminds me of one more thing. When she gets mad at me for making her sit down on the couch she will either bite her finger in a fit of rage or grind her teeth...yep...that's my girl. Gotta love her though! Thanks for listening!

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