Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{Such a Slacker}

I have totally been slacking on keeping my blog updated lately. I have had TOO much going on around here...not enough time or energy to catch up, but will start fresh RIGHT NOW!!! Mackenzie had her Western Day at school today and I just HAD to make her an outfit to wear...and get some cute boots (that she is going to wear every day to get good wear and tear out of them...for what we paid!) She is just adorable...of course!

And Caleb is getting bigger and bigger everyday! He is SUCH a MAMA's BOY...if he can't see me he will get mad. I can't say that I hate it, but can't always get much done...he also is such a smily baby!!! Not doing too much though other than kicking his legs more and waving his arms...a lot more active!! No BIG milestones yet. Here are some new pics of him:


Jen said...

Hi there! I found your blog on your Etsy page :) Just wanted to say how great it is!

dannigirl said...

love ,love these pictures!