Thursday, December 1, 2011

{December Daily: Album Cover}

Are there any of you guys wanted to use the 6x8.5 inch album size for DD this year, but couldn't afford the kit from Studio Calico? I LOVE Studio Calico, but unfortunately with me staying home eith the kids and not working, the $$$ really isn't flowing unfortunately.
However, with my clever little trick, you'll be able to use the page protectors (sold apart from the kit) and stil be able to use the same album size as Ali!

All you'll need is:

1/4 yard of fabric
a sturdy piece of cardboard (at least 14x18)
12x12 sheet of paper
hot glue gun
Glossy Accents (optional)

For my cardboard all I used was an empty diaper box...plently of those around here with 2 in diapers! I cut 2 pieces from the box at 6.5x9, one for the front cover and one for the back. So that I don't risk any pattern showing through my fabric I just tore off the printed part of the box. If your box is not printed, just skip this step.

For my fabric I cut two piece slightly larger than my piece of cardboard (at least 1.5 inch overhang on all four sides). I then took my hot glue gun and put a dot of glue in each corner of the cardboard...CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELLF!!!

Then you will fold all four corner over onto the hot glue...DON'T PULL TOO HARD OF THE FABRIC OR ELSE YOU MAY DISTORT THE PATTERN OF YOUR FABRIC.

Once your done with that part you will squirt a line of glue down one side and bring that side's fabric up to the glue, creating a nice crisp edge...can you see it coming together already?!?!?!?! Repeat this step with the next three sides.

Once your done it should look like this. Now you can cut your paper down to (2) 6x8.5 pieces and glue that over the back of your cover (I used Glossy Accents), now covering up the last of the cardboard and creating a fully customizable album cover...pretty cool huh?!?!?!?! Just repeat this for the back cover as well.


I still have a few things I am waiting on to arrive, so until then that is as much as I can show you, but what my plan is now is to punch three holes in my front and back cover (corresponding to my 3 holes in the page protector) and use three large rings to hold it all together!

What is really awesome is that you can do this to make ANY size album you want!!! I have made COUNTLESS numbers of these in 8x8 using chipboard and patterned paper...SO MUCH FUN!

Link me up with your creations using this tutorial.

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